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This year is expected to be very busy for me, so I decided to prepare really well. I needed something that I can put all my schedule, my plans, dates and meetings. I normally carry a pocket diary (just an old fashioned way) but I needed something bigger to be able to put more details. I discovered The Happiness Planner and I was sold with the idea immediately.


It’s an agenda/diary with a few added options and a brilliant motivating tool. The planner is a page to date diary, comes in a lovely box, and has a few pages/posters added:

My New Year’s Resolutions

My Goals

My Bucketlist

Change a habit in 30 days

Fantastic motivation and organisational tool!


Each day has sections for:

Today I’m excited about, Main focus, Schedule, Notes, Exercises, Meals, To-Dos, Good things about today, What I hope for tomorrow.

So you can keep an eye on your diet and exercise as well as keep a track of all daily tasks that need to be completed during the day.

I feel like The Happiness Planner can be a great track of what’s happening in our life and maybe bring a focus back on things that are the most important or that we want to accomplish. The fact that there is a space for reflection about the day is a really brilliant idea.


Each month starts with a planner for the month and ends with a reflection of that month.

The Happiness Planner is available in pink, blue and black. I really recommend to check their website www.thehappinessplanner.comThere is The 100 days planner as well, for those who want to achieve certain goals within just over three months, but I found the yearly planner more suitable for me. Weather it’s personal or work goals, if you want to loose weight or become more healthy, any goals you have or just to keep track of what’s happening in life – it’s a fantastic diary. It also makes a great present for anyone who likes challenges, planning or setting goals. 

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  1. Big fan says:

    Seems like a greta idea

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