Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser – review

This review should have happened earlier as I love the product, but I really wanted to make sure I managed to try it for a long time and get my opinion as truthful as possible.

To start with I think that the brand needs a bit of introduction. It was founded by incredible women Tata Harper, who took a challenge of creating highly effective products without using artificial ingredients. All her range is organic, vegetarian and free of toxins. Majority of plants used for making TH cosmetics are grown on her organic farm in Vermont. The formulas are newly developed and aimed for the best results.


Tata Harper cleanser is quite a different cleanser. It’s not foamy at all and it’s not one of the oily cleansers. The texture is like a thin balm. On the skin it just feels really refreshing and fruity.

It most definite is not a makeup remover, so I use it as my second cleanse (after I removed my makeup) in the evening or as my morning cleanse. It smells amazing and gives a very fresh feeling on the skin, but not drying or tightening. I would say it’s suitable for various skin types and the fact that it contains no foaming ingredients makes it even safer to use on a dry/sensitive skin.

The packaging is really lovely, very impractical for travelling but truly beautiful. The pump dispenser gives just enough product, so I feel like no drops are wasted. I use just one dose and for me it’s enough, but I have to admit it’s not a huge portion of product, so some people might want to use 2 doses for better cleaning effect.

It is a very pricey product, as £45 for a cleanser is quite a lot, considering that you can find cheaper options on some high end brands. I feel though, that you can’t quite compare it to many other products and it’s a true stand out on a cleansers range.

For anyone who is a fan of organic, healthy and natural cosmetics it’s a real joy.

Will I repurchase? I definitely will, maybe not straight away, but I know it’s one those that I will be going back to on and on. Tata Haprer has got a few cleansers in her range, so I’m really interested in trying some other ones too.

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One response to “Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser – review”

  1. Silvia says:

    I would love to try this cleanser, I have heard so many great things about it, and your review confirms them all. Nevertheless having dry skin I’m afraid this wouldn’t be suitable for an everyday use and maybe another cleanser from TH would be better for me. They are so expensive I’m afraid to get something not for my skin type.

    Btw, you are right, Tata is a beautiful, strong and role-model woman 🙂


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