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I bought that palette a while ago, when it was 3 for 2 in Boots and I was buying other make-up bits. The regular price is £9.99, which is really great value for money considering there are four shades in the kit. I just found it interesting on the picture on-line and since everyone got a bit crazy about highlighting recently I decided to give it a go.


First of all, I love the packaging. It’s metallic finish with a lovely sparkly logo, that looks expensive and very chic. It’s lightweight and handy for traveling. The mirror inside is a great size and you can really do your make-up with it or do some touch ups easily. Including that tiny brush with this type of palette is completely pointless and I never use it anyway.

The product consists of 4 shade highlighters, of which three are cream and one is powder.


The whole palette is very glittery and for me it’s more of a night time party product than day time. The white shade has some big chunks of glitter, for me it’s more useful for eyes, like under the brow line or in the corners.

The other two creamy shades (top right and down left) are more to be uses for cheekbones to do some highlighting. As these are creamy I would recommend to apply with fingers rather than with a brush (especially not with that horrible one that is included in the kit). It does need some good practice in order to put it nicely on the skin. To start with I ended up taking off my foundation when applying it. I figured later that it’s easier to pat it in instead of sweeping it on the cheek.

The last shade (lower right corner) is my favourite. I use it as a bronzer and it gives a lovely glow and spark for my evening look. It’s easy to apply and it blends well. It does crumble easily in the box, but it’s not affecting the way it looks on my skin. Really lovely for an evening look, but I use it during the day as well, if I want to wear a bit heavier, more defined make-up.


I think that overall the product is good. It could be better, but considering the price it’s a good value for money. Definitely a party look palette and needs some practice, but it can give lots of sparkle and fun to our make-up.


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