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The contouring madness has been a big makeup trend for last two or three years. Contouring used to be a makeup artists only trick, to create better shaping of the face by using darker shades of products in places of skin that we want to look slimmer (like under cheeks) and using lighter shades or highlighters  in places that we want to enhance. I need to stress that it’s meant to be very subtle and that by all means it’s not a necessity for a daily makeup. Pretty much every brand offers a big variety of contouring products, from single items to big, six or more shades palette. In reality one person really needs one palette and that’s what Sleek offers with a product called Face Form.


The palette consists of matte bronzer, shiny highlighter and shiny blusher. The packaging is plastic with matte finish, quite typical for Sleek, which easily gets grabby with finger prints on it. Considering a price tag as low as £9.99 it’s not a big deal. Really nice and large mirror makes it easy to use for all makeup application and this slim and compact packaging makes it a great product for travelling.


I have to say I’m quite impressed with that product. I use a bronzer shade for both bronzing and contouring. It’s well pigmented and applies very easily. Needs good blending to look quite natural. Otherwise might look a bit orange.

Highlighter has got beautiful shine and that colour is really lovely on my pale skin. It’s my first highlighter and I really like it. I usually put it on my cheekbones and sometimes in the corners of my eyes. Fantastic effect.

Blusher is really well pigmented, so it needs to be applied quite sparingly, otherwise it’s easy to put too much. It’s got a shiny finish, so it’s perhaps not everyones favourite option. I personally prefer matte blushers, as it’s easier to use and it looks more natural. Although with a bit of practice and a really gentle application  the effect can be really nice.

I have definitely used better bronzers, but for that price it’s a really great buy. Let’s not forget that this thin, compact and lightweight item is really three products in one. It’s definitely going with me on holidays.

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  1. Cat L. says:

    This sounds like such a great palette and you can’t beat the price! Will have to check it out! Thank you for such a great review!
    ~ Cat L.

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