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I have a feeling that over last few years there has been such an incredible increase in great skincare brands, that choosing a simple moisturiser can be extremely difficult. Our skin in general is defined as dry, combination or oily and brands make products that fall into one of these categories. The problem starts, when there is more problems on our face. Trying to find proper skincare for people with for example rosacea, eczema, sensitivity, acne isn’t so easy. And that’s when we should head to the Pharmacy.

There is a few brands (usually French) that specialise in skincare for specific skin problems. And they do it really well.


There are a few brands like Vichy, La-Roche-Posay, Avene, Bioderma that you can find in larger Boots stores or on-line. It used to be models secret to pop in to the Pharmacy in France for a stock up of some iconic products like Bioderma micellar water or La-Roche-Posay range for dry skin with eczema. Now it’s becoming more and more popular in the UK market.

I for instance suffered with acne for majority of my teen age and I had a great help from Effaclar range by La-Roche-Posay.

Both LRP and Avene have specific lines for people with rosacea. That skin condition is difficult to treat and even more difficult to find a proper skincare on regular beauty counter, that’s gentle enough not to cause any irritation.


I’m a recent eczema sufferer (after second pregnancy) and even though I have some prescription creams for my flare-ups, I find some creams from Avene and LRP extremely helpful. I’m still in the process of discovering the whole range of products for eczema. What I found very helpful is Avene XeraCalm cream to use on my body and LRP Cicaplast, which I put especially on my dry patches. I had a great body wash from LRP in the past as well, which was very gentle and did’t dry out my skin.

Special mention goes to Eucerin 10% Treatment Cream, my recent discovery. It’s a fantastic maintenance cream for my arms, that are affected by eczema. It smells horrible, but luckily not too intensive. I put it on when I  feel particularly dry, and since I started using it I noticed less flare-ups.


Avene riche cream was my friend during pregnancy. Not only my skin went from combination/oily into dry/very dry, but also I was extremely sensitive for smells. I couldn’t use any skincare with any fragrances, as it was making me sick instantly. I ordered Avene cream and it was fragrance free and able to deal with the dryness really well.

Serozinc spray from LRP is a new release, before that I always used to buy Avene water spray during the summer for cooling and refreshing effect. This particular small box was purchased when I was having my second baby. Great for long labours!

My good old friend Avene’s Triacneal cream was my treatment for acne breakouts. I still use it ever so often. It contains Glycolic Acid, great exfoliating ingredient and Retinal (a form of Retinol) which is used for acne treatment as well as for anti-ageing properties.

All three mentioned brands: Vichy, LRP and Avene have a great range of sun creams. There is variety of formulations to choose from and the newest technology ingredients for the best protection. I purchase a new one every season.

Vichy has a big range of skincare creams from typical moisturisers to anti-ageing range. They do contain fragrance, but it’s nice, gentle and I like it. My all time favourite moisturising serum is Vichy Aqualia Thermal.  I’m on my second bottle and I’m just waiting for some good promotions in Boots, so I can purchase another one. I got a few of my friends hooked on this one as well and they do not regret it.


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