Serum and night cream from Pixi – reviews

Pixi is a fairly new brand, created about 10 years ago, that has been lately making it’s way in beauty industry. The brand’s most famous product is a Glow Tonic, which I haven’t tried yet, but I’m quite tempted to do so. Brand’s creator, Petra claims that her products are to make you look a better version of yourself. Products are created for a women in the go, working mother that wants to look good quickly. Well, that sounds like it’s for me.


I didn’t go for their best sellers (like glow tonic), but ordered stuff that I was running out of in my routine: moisturising serum, that I can use in the morning and a night cream.

To start, I have to say that the packaging is really pleasant to look. Beautiful, pistachio colour is something quite rare in cosmetic industry and I really like it. Products are full in botanicals, plant extracts, which give them beautiful smell. That’s a bonus for me. Although I don’t just buy my skincare for the smell, I do appreciate a bit of aromatherapy in my products.


Let’s start with Milky Serum. The serum is full of nice oils and plant extracts. There is no nasty or harsh ingredients. It smells of roses but it’s quite a subtle smell and it’s not overtaking, like in some brands. The actual product is very pleasant to use. It absorbs quickly and gives a good level of moisture (as for a serum), but I don’t think it moisturises better than my all time favourite Vichy Aqualia Serum. It is a good product, but if you have a very dry skin you might need something else. This serum will definitely perform best on combination to dry skin, but not very dry.

My only, but quite a big issue with it is packaging. Although I love the colour and the bottle, this pipette is completely useless. It caused a lot of frustration for me in the morning, as it sucks the product in, but doesn’t want to give any out. I had to use it by literally turning the bottle upside down and pouring straight from the bottle. That way though it’s very easy to waste it. It is a real shame, but for that reason I can’t really recommend it. Unless Pixi decides to do something about this.


Unfortunately I had an issue with the packaging of that cream too. I like the idea that the cream is in a tube and not in a jar. Unfortunately you can press and get out nothing else but air at times. It’s not as big of a problem as with serum, but I hope that the producers are going to take that into consideration and fix it.

Otherwise the cream is really pleasant. Ingredient list is full of very nice extracts and the smell is gorgeous. Nice and herbal smell makes me feel like in spa, when I put it on my face in the evening. It says that it’s fast-absorbing, high penetrative cream that plumps, hydrates and nourishes and I totally agree. The formula is really lightweight and it absorbs very quickly. I think that it’s a perfect cream for combination skin, maybe dry, but not enough for very dry. On my very dry days though I was putting this cream on top of my Caudalie face oil and the two worked really well together. I like it in combination with a night serum as well, so putting on top of my Advanced Night Repair from Estee Lauder works well for me. I don’t feel like it’s the best night cream ever, but the formula is very nice and it’s one to definitely consider from the medium price range.

Overall I think that the products are better than packaging. Both products are definitely a good idea for combination to dry skin and both are quite a good value for money. Regardless the packaging issues I will be trying more products from that brand, as I really like formulas and ingredients in it.

I bought both on cultbeauty.co.uk as a duo set for £37.50 (and I think I had a discount code for it as well), which is not a bad price for serum and a cream. They are available separate too.

You can also find Pixi products on QVC and Marks and Spencer.

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