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I discovered Sali Hughes accidentally, when browsing on youtube and looking for some nice beauty channels. She’s a journalist and make-up artist, who spend years on trying and reviewing various beauty products. I have a feeling that there is no product or brand that she did’t try. Her knowledge about this industry is impressive. I fell in love in her series of interviews with various people called “In the bathroom with”. I’ve spend hours watching Sali talking to writhers, make-up artists, skin specialist. They sit in the bathroom and talk about life, experience but more importantly beauty and products each person uses and recommends. Brilliant. So when I found information that Sali wrote her own book about beauty I knew it’s going to be good.






It’s a brilliant book with massive amount of tips and advices about women beauty. All written very compact, that everyone can understand. I went from start to the end, but from time to time I go back to the section that I want to dig in more. It’s very well organised. From cleansing, through make-up tips to bridal make-up. I have a feeling that Sali covered all aspects of beauty. She puts her favourites, she talks openly which brands are best at what and she also says when it’s worth to spend a bit more money and when it’s fine to go for a cheaper option. I agree with a vast majority of the contents but I have my own way to some things. But it’s fine, it only makes reading more interesting.

It a kinds of book that every woman should have. Great for a Christmas present.







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