Pancake Day and other traditions

As an immigrant I try to adapt everything that’s best from both cultures – my country and the country I’m currently in. So I think that immigrants are very lucky, as we can celebrate both traditions and we have twice more fun. In Polish tradition the last Thursday before Ash Wednesday is a Doughnut Day – yes we eat doughnuts and some traditional cookies on that day, similarly like there is a Pancake Day in the UK. As every year I purchased doughnuts for the whole family. The best doughnuts ever are those made by my mum, but unfortunately I do not possess that mysterious knowledge of making it. My favourite doughnuts in the UK are made by Krispy Kreme company, but of course sometimes I can find some delicious ones in a local bakery.

English people celebrate Pancake Day and every year I do too. It’s always on Tuesday before the Ash Wednesday. So as an emigrant I’ve got twice more fun celebrating both Doughnut Day and Pancake Day. The plan for this coming Tuesday is simple: pancakes with clone syrup, with Nutella or with some fruit for more healthy option. After such a sweet week the idea of fasting during Ash Wednesday or during Lent becomes a natural consequence.


Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (Photos from krispykreme.co.uk)


KK_Lotus_Caramelised_Biscuit_555x580px1   KK_StrawberriesKreme_555x580px










KK_ApplePie_555x580px     KK_Love-Bug_555x580px










Over 40 pancakes recipes are available on bbcgoodfood.com (Photos from bbcgoodfood.com)


bbcgoodfood.com 1


bbcgoodfood.com 2


Recipe for American – style pancakes are on Nigella Lawson’s website nigella.com (Photo from nigell.com)



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