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Recently I purchased two new electrical products: Clinique face brush and Micro pedi electronic foot file. Both products were on my wish list for a while, but I thought of buying a Clarisonic brush instead.






I’ve done my research and I went through some reviews of various face brushes, including reviews by dermatologists and I was very confused. Finally I decided to try it and there are reasons why I bought Clinique: firstly, the counter consultant reassured me that this one is more gentle then the Clarisonic one, and secondly it is cheaper (so I thought I won’t waste that much money if I don’t like it). So now, after a few weeks of using it, I can write my review. Clinique brush is very easy to use, very handy and when you switch it on it makes typical, gentle, sonic movement (it does not rotate). The brush works brilliantly, but I remove my make-up first, before I use my cleansing gel with a brush. Unfortunately there is a downside – it did irritate my skin a bit and I had to stop using for a while, even though I was only using it once daily and not twice a day as it’s suggested. For the first week it’s advised to be used only once daily for 30 seconds (after which time it switches off automatically), then move on to twice a day for 30 seconds, and finally you can use it twice a day for 1 minute. I use it every other day for 30 seconds only, as I don’t want to get my cheeks irritated again. If you don’t have any sensitive skin at all, you might be able to use it more often, but I would suggest being extra careful. I have to be honest though, that my face is truly, perfectly clean when I use Clinique brush. It works really well with Clinique liquid face soap, but I tried it with Lancome gel as well and it work well too. I even tried it with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant powder, but I applied product on my face and then used a brush. To sum up Clinique brush is definitely worth having, but I would suggest extra care when using it and always watch how your skin is reacting.




Electronic foot file I planned to buy for a while. I was lucky to find this one reduced significantly on a post-Christmas sale. This one is made by Micro pedi, but together with Nails inc (a nail varnish company) so it was sold together with three nice nail varnishes as a gift pack. By the way, I really like Nails inc varnishes, as it doesn’t chip off as easily as some cheap varnishes. Micro pedi electronic foot file is very easy to use and very handy for home pedicure. I don’t have any extremely hard skin on my foot, but there always is something that needs taking care of, especially on my heels. That product deals with it brilliantly. I would suggest to read the instruction really well before using it, as you can make yourself a bit of harm if you keep it for too long in one place. Common sense necessary and you’ll be really happy for that file. You can take off this rotating head easily for cleaning and when it’s used you can buy some replacement heads. I cannot imagine my pedicure without my Micro pedi any more.



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