New Chanel No5 L’eau – review

I realise that fragrances are very individual and what works for me might not necessarily work for someone else. Nonetheless I want to share my story how I literally fell in love with the new Chanel No5 L’eau, when I wasn’t a particular fan of the original version.


I’m a big fan of Chanel fragrances, I used majority that’s available and my big favourite for last few years was Coco Noir. I still remember sniffing Chanel No5 for the first time (many years ago) and thinking: “what on Earth?”. I couldn’t quite understand why it’s such an iconic fragrance and how people can even like it.

Over years my taste was changing and I was clearly going more into heavy, deep fragrances but No5 was still a bit too much for me. I think lately I could get some notes out of it that I liked, but it still was too outdated and irritating for me. I got a sample of a No5 cream a while ago and I realised that I really like it. Once the fragrance was less intense there was definitely something very unique, intriguing and pleasurable about it. So I was really happy to see that it’s been re-launched in a lighter version and I headed to Chanel counter to try it.


This new, lighter version totally fulfils my expectation. To say I love it is an understatement, I’m literally obsessed with it at the moment. You can definitely still feel the original Chanel No5 vibe with it, it’s not a totally new fragrance to me, but it smells more up to date, I think they added some citrus notes in. I feel like this is a kind of fragrance that will suit much more people than original No5 and that’s fantastic. My favourite thing is to apply my No5 cream on my neck after I shower and use No5 L’eau when I’m dressed  up. I’m not sure if it’s only my thing, but I don’t feel like it stays on for a long time. I can’t smell it on myself after a few hours, but it might be just me.

The bottle is the same as original No5, but if you compare them together, L’eau is nearly a clear liquid and original is quite yellow. Overall I think we’re going to be friends with this one for a long time. 50ml bottle is £68 and 100ml is £96. It’s on the pricier side, but it’s not outlined with other designer fragrances. I totally recommend to go and try it, even if you couldn’t stand the original No5. It might be a pleasant surprise, like it was for me.

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