My second Glossy Box

My second Glossy Box was a bit of disappointment. When I opened the parcel and saw that beautiful, blue box with Marilyn Monroe on the box lid I got very excited. I thought there is going to be a really fabulous, luxurious, sexy stuff inside, like Marilyn herself. Unfortunately I got a bit disappointed and the only thing that I really liked was a great lipstick pencil in a very Hollywood style, classic red.






But here are all the items one by one:




I will start with Lord and Berry Lipstick Pencil, as it is a really good stuff. I love the colour and the easiness to use it. It’s very classic, a bit orange red, which I wouldn’t dare to use on everyday look, but it’s perfect for evening going out. It’s easy to apply, first you use it as a lip liner and draw around your mouth to give a defined shape, then you can fill in your lips with colour and that’s it. It gives a beautiful semi-mat finish but it’s not drying at the same time. It lasts long and doesn’t stain my teeth. Love it.  It was a full size product in my box and the price is 10.


Next item – Astral Original face and body moisturizer. I don’t even know where to start. I have to say I’m keeping it far away from my face and the only place I use it on is my hands and it’s not with pleasure anyway. It’s very thick, old fashioned cream, smells horrible and is sticky after application. I believe it was made in 50′ and I think it should be stopped or at least re-formulated many years ago. It’s full of mineral oil (Paraffinum, Petrolatum) which is not recommended in any face cream as it forms a layer and prevents the absorption of active ingredients. It contains magnesium sulphate, which explains why it reminds me of magnesium sulphate paste used for medical reasons and it’s just horrible. I couldn’t find any valuable ingredients that could do anything good for my face.To use it on the body wouldn’t be so dramatic if it wasn’t for that stinky smell. Luckily I only had a small pot. 200ml is priced at 3.89


POP Beauty Kayal Eye Liner Pen – I have to say the eye liner looks ok and it’s got a nice rubber-like tip for smudging, but I can’t say anymore about that product as I didn’t even try it. I save it for upcoming teenage birthday as I own a few of Lancome black eye pencils and simply don’t need another one. I don’t use pencils very often anyway, as I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown’s gel eye liners. But this one does look like a nice option.


Color Club Barely There Nail Polish – this is a total disaster. I don’t know if it’s only that colour that’s so horrible to use all the whole range is useless. I had a glance and I thought that the color is nice, neutral and will be perfect to go to work. So I did my mani nicely and tried to apply that polish. It got all messy and the product was slipping off my nail, was very uneven spread and the result was just horrific. So I took it off after applying to one nail and I applied my essie varnish and it was great (as usual). I have to say that I’m very skilled to paint my nails and I very often do my manicure at home and I can do it neat and perfect. But that’s just not possible with that product. It was a full size in the box and it cost 4.10


IDC Body Lotion – smells of Lavender which is not my favourite smell but I don’t mind it. It’s very light formula and it absorbs immediately. For people with dry skin it might not be enough moisture, but otherwise it’s ok. Good solution if you need to dress up straight away after applying body lotion. If you don’t mind lavender of course. It’s 3.57 per 100ml



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