Living Proof shampoo, conditioner and hair mask

This is quite a new brand for me. For my haircare I have been a big fan of L’oreal Kerastase range for years. There’s been so much hype about Living Proof in the internet, that I decided to give it a go. I had some points to spend in SpaceNK so I thought I’d buy a travel size to try it first. I was not disappointed.

I purchased a travel kit that included shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask.




The whole range is quite expensive but very good and keeps up to it’s promises in my opinion. Living Proof doesn’t use SLS in their products. It’s quite an achievement for a shampoo, especially that this particular chemical is responsible for foaming effect. It’s very, very common in shampoos, face washes, soaps both expensive and cheap and it’s difficult to find a substitute for that, if foaming effect is needed. SLS is unfortunately also a great irritant and is responsible for lots of allergies in people with sensitive scalp or sensitive skin.

Living Proof developed their own foaming process that is used in this range. It’s SLS free and can be an option for people who cannot tolerate that ingredient. Another advantage is that it smells really gorgeous, which is important for me in my haircare.

With that in mind the whole range is very nice. It definitely does something nice to my hair, that look nice and healthy after using it. My hair look very smooth and very healthy. I have to admit I don’t have particularly damaged hair, but I do use hair drier every time a wash my hair, and I use hair straightener about twice a week. Some damage is done, and I have a feeling that shampoo and conditioner from Living Proof helps to bring back the moisture to my hair, without making it look greasy.


Conditioner is quite thick (as for conditioner) and applies smoothly and quickly. I only need a small amount. I leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off really well. I use a LP mask about once a week, or when I feel a need for extra regeneration and moisture. My hair gets greasy very quickly so I have to wash every other day or sometimes even daily. All these products do not weigh my hair. Brushing is very easy afterwards and my hair are nicely detangled and shiny. I have a feeling it might help to reduce frizzing, at least for me.


Will I buy it again? Not so sure as it’s quite expensive. Shampoo on its own is £23 and although all range is really great I have a feeling that you can have great hair with a bit cheaper brands. I love Kerastase, which is about £14 on feelunique.com or Redken or some other professional salons ranges.

If you have a budget for it – go for it. If you’re allergic to SLS then it’s a great one to try too. Or it could be a great present for a hair-obsessed friend.


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