Lipstick Queen – Frog Prince

It was a very spontaneous purchase and when I saw it in SpaceNK display it has put a smile on my face straight away. My first thought was obviously: “what on Earth?”. But then I decided to try it and because I like experimenting with my make-up I bought it.


lipstick queen2



I have to say it’s something that’s more like a tinted lip balm rather than a typical lipstick. It does give a great portion of moisture to my lips due to a Shea butter and vitamin E in it, but what’s very unique to this product is it’s colour. Apparently ingredients react with people’s lips and the colour customises depending on who’s wearing it. It responds to a slightly different pH level, so the colour on lips is like a better, more rosy version of our ow lips. Really great and interesting. I value a lot moisturising and nourishing properties of this lipstick/balm but it’s a perfect choice for more natural looking make up.


lipstik queen


Something a bit different than usual lipstick. I love it.


photo 222

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    I am going to buy it ASAP x

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