KIKO makeup – hot or not

This lovely high street brand has been available in the UK for a while now. I didn’t have a chance to try it until recently. I discovered KIKO store nearby me and I was positively surprised. For makeup at these prices I expected a makeup stand somewhere in Boots or Superdrugs, but they actually have branded stores with lovely staff ready to help and advise. Really impressive. I only wanted to buy one or two pieces, but for these prices I went a bit crazy on eyeshadows.

The whole shop was very much black and white, looked really nice. I was overwhelmed by variety of colours and huge collection. Looks a bit like a cheaper version of MAC makeup. And it’s not a bad thing.


I have to say that packaging is very minimalistic. I don’t mind it at all. I would rather have a great product and minimum packaging, than the other way round. All colours I picked are shimmery apart from last one. I’m really impressed with pigmentation of all of them. You really need just a small amount to create a beautiful, vibrant look.

I bought two pencils as well, but I didn’t quite like it. I find them a bit too hard and not easy to use.


This light colour in top left corner is a beautiful thing to use in the corners of the eye and just under the eyebrows. I also think it’s a great highlighter and use it on my cheekbones.

Next two eyeshadows in the top row are real pop of shimmer with metallic finish. Fantastic for any evening or party look. Definitely not for a normal, work makeup. Real stand outs.

Two colours in medium row are my favourites. The intensity and pigmentation is just insane. These look like matt, but they actually have a bit of shimmer added. Fantastic range.

Last two (bottom row) are cream eyeshadows. I fell in love with Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadows a few years back, so wanted to check if KIKO will do the same good job with them. The light colour is shimmery, so I use it at the end of my makeup just to brighten up, in the middle of my eye or in the corners. I’m pretty sure, that if you use it on the lips on top of a lipstick to give it a bit of shimmer, it will work really well too.

The last one (bottom right corner) is a matt cream eyeshadow. It’s my base colour, that I use first before I apply other colours on top. Works really well to set powder eyeshadows and keep it in place for hours. Really lovely one.


My makeup with KIKO cosmetics. It stayed untouched for 8 hours and nothing creased. Impressive.






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  1. Looks for me like another product to buy…..

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