Jo Malone – brand review

Jo Malone is a great brand with a history and it’s own tradition. I remember when I came to England a few years ago and my friend took me to Jo Malone store in London I immediately fell in love with that brand. The products are fantastic, great quality and always beautifully wrapped. Customer service in Jo Malone stores and counters is exquisite. Every customer feels welcome by a friendly staff, that’s not too pushy but always eager to advise. Jo Malone colognes are one of a kind, you won’t find similar scents anywhere else. You can mix them and make your own and personal fragrance. Fantastic.


I always head to JM counter if I don’t know what to buy for a present for some of my friends. Great quality scented candles, colognes, home diffusers, body creams and a lot more to choose from for a sophisticated gift. Last time I went there for a bit of shopping I was offered a complimentary treatment for my hands for free. I booked it with my friend and we enjoyed a lovely hands and arms massage with Jo Malone cream finished with a generous spray of our chosen fragrance. Fantastic experience.




I know that Christmas season is over, but in my case the birthday season just began. I think that Jo Malone candles and home diffusers make a perfect birthday gifts. If you ask for it to be gift wrapped, then job is done and we can only hope that the recipient will be happy. I know my friends love. Who wouldn’t ? What is your best idea for a birthday present?





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