In search of the bast mascara vol. 1

Out of all make-up items mascara is one of the hardest to get satisfied with. There is no one rule when it comes to mascara – you can find very nice and very cheap mascaras, as well as very expensive but completely useless. I try to buy good quality ones, as I think that anything I put on such a sensitive area like my eyes should have at least good quality ingredients. Like probably most of women I have tried tons of mascaras in my life. I have gathered a few of my more recent purchases for a compact review. Some better than others. I have to say, I have not found one mascara that would satisfy me in all levels, but a few did get very close. Again, it’s a personal opinion and what’s working for me, doesn’t have to for someone else and what I can’t stand, can be an advantage for another girl.


best mascara7317


First on the picture is Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite mascara

best EL7326

It’s a very nice mascara, once you get used to it. The brush has a very short bristles and on one side there is like a little comb. Very useful if you need very precise look. It’s great for a natural look but you can build up to nice, evening lash fan as well. Just takes a bit of time and practice. Comb is great for finishing off and separating lashes and it’s perfect for lower lashes. I find it though, that it takes a bit longer to use it than other mascaras. Stays nicely on and doesn’t smudge.


Next one is Smashbox Full Exposure mascara

best smashbox7341

This mascara has a really big, fat, traditional brush. I was holding really big expectations when I bought it. You can indeed get very nice, full, sexy lash fan with it there is just one but. No matter how I use it, I always end up smudging my lid with it. I think that this brush is just too big. I have really tried and tried to get over it, I tried different techniques and I still end up leaving black marks on my lid when I accidentally touch it with that brush. It is a shame, as it could potentially be a good one. Might be more useful for someone who maybe is more used to big brushes, but it didn’t work for me.


Next in the line is Lancome Hypnose Drama

best drama7343

This is probably the one that gets very close to my ideal mascara. I love that brush. It is big enough but not too big. I only need a few seconds and my lashes are full, big and beautiful. It gives volume and length and takes no time to use it. The only downside is, that after a few hours of wearing, it gets dry and smudges under my eyes. The whole mascara gets dry very quickly and it has to be replaced quite regularly. Even though, I love the effect on my eyes and the fact that you can achieve it quickly and without any fuss.

The rest of the reviews are coming soon. What is your best ever mascara?


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3 responses to “In search of the bast mascara vol. 1”

  1. Nati says:

    I love the Perversion mascara by UD. Hypnose Drama looks so nice as well (:
    Nati xx

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