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I recently returned from a very nice beach holidays. Relaxing at the beach and by the pool was just what I needed after busy few months. I have tried to prepare really well and not to take too much stuff with me (which I tend to do) and I think I succeed this time. A few products I found really practical, convenient and just great to have, not only for a beach holidays, but for any other journey too.








I was obviously using tons of SPF creams/sprays on my body, but decided to take separate product for my face. This Clinique Even Better SPF45 cream was a great choice. Very light formula (as for an SPF cream) makes it quick and easy to apply. It also is slightly tinted, so does not leave my face all white like a typical sun cream.

Shiseido BB cream was a great option for all day and evening events. I was using it when staying by the pool, when we went for a meal and also in the evening, as I try to give my face a bit of break from foundations when I’m on holidays. It’s very lightly pigmented, you can hardly see it on your face, just enough to even out the skin tone. It has SPF 30 which is great. I was putting Clinique SPF cream first anyway, but just felt double protected with Shisheido BB cream.

Clinique Lash Power mascara was a recent discovery. I’m a contact lens wearer so waterproof mascaras are usually not an option for me, but this one is allowed with contact lenses even though it’s a long-wear formula. I really love this mascara, it’s quite different one. It has quite a small brush and one layer gives very natural look, but you can easily build up by putting second or third layer. I was putting one layer for the day and just building up for evening look. It can be removed just with warm water, but I still used a make-up remover as it’s easier. The amount is quite small but that is actually and advantage for travelling.




When it comes to skincare I try to take minimum products with maximum effect. I like hydraluron serum for it’s great boost of hydration (very much needed when sunbathing), but also for it’s lightweight packaging that is so convenient for travelling.

Smashbox contouring kit is a very multifunctional product. One small box can be a contour kit, bronzer, highlighter, but also a pressed powder. This highlighter is quite matte so it can also be used to set make-up or to re-touch during the day. I Love this very minimal packaging that takes maximum product and minimum space. Really nice mirror was very handy too. You will need a separate brush for bronzer or powder but this from smashbox kit is ideal for contouring.




This smashbox eyeliner pencils are just great. I love variety of colours and the easiness of using it. You turn it until it clicks and it’s sharpened automatically. No need to use any pencil sharpener. Brilliant!

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