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Glossy box and similar offers became popular a while ago. I always used to think it’s a waste of money and I preferred to buy something that I really needed instead, but recently I decided to give it a go. I purchased a three monthly pack for £9.50 a month and I filled in a beauty questionnaire. I received my first parcel a few days ago. It’s wrapped beautifully in a gorgeous, pink box (my little daughter pinched it already) and inside…




NCLA nail varnish – I have to admit that I didn’t hear about that brand before, but I love that colour. It’s price is £13 and it’s a full product not a sample



Naobay peeling – this brand is new for me too, but it smells lovely. The company claims to be natural and organic. I’m not all mad about organic cosmetics, as some traditional ones quite often have very good ingredients, but I can do with an organic scrub, especially that it has a very nice beads just the right size (not too small and not too big to be harsh). I don’t use traditional scrubs very often as I prefer acids for exfoliation, but this one will be a good alternative from time to time or will make a nice gift. Price is £13 and it’s a full-size product.


Carmex lip balm – it’s a lip balm with a colour, which is more intense than traditional tinted balms. It can substitute a lipstick in less official situations. Very nice balm and I like it.


Essence mascara – I usually use more expensive mascaras and I have a few that I really like at the moment, so this one will be a nice gift for some teenage girl. Price is about £3



Dove shampoo and conditioner – both products are in a small 50ml size bottle and will be very useful when I go to the gym or for traveling


To sum up, all products that I received are worth more than £9.50 that I paid for the box, but none of these products I managed to love so much to purchase for myself. I do treat this whole idea as a chance to try something new, but I won’t be re-ordering after three months trial. I usually use more luxurious products than what I’ve received but this won’t be wasted. I just have to see what will come in my next box.

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