Fire and Ice treatment

On my latest journey to London I popped in to a lovely Mayfair Aesthetics clinic for a quick treatment. I’ve done various treatments in the past, like Glycolic peel, Mandelic Acid peel and variety of facials, but I never experienced something like Fire and Ice treatment. Apparently it’s popular among celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, which made me even more excited.

The clinic I went to was lovely. Staff very friendly and knowledgable, nice and clean rooms. Just as I like it. I was offered a drink before the treatment when I was filling a form about my health. It’s really important  that you’re asked some health questions before any treatment. I don’t trust any clinic that skips that part, so well done to Mayfair Aesthetics.

At the beginning obviously any makeup is removed and skin nicely cleaned with a very gentle and soothing cleanser. I asked for my eye makeup to be left untouched as I had a bit of a journey ahead of me.

Fire and Ice treatment, as the name says, is a two part treatment with first product giving you a feeling of tingling and hot and second very cooling and soothing. When I looked at the website to find out more about it I got really, really excited. It’s a mixture of my favourite ingredients, that are scientifically proven to work and have great impact on skin.

The Fire part of treatment is a mask, that is applied for a few minutes and it consists of glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, vitamin B3, retinol and antioxidants. At first I felt a bit of a tingle, that gradually started feeling warm and a bit hot. The mask was removed after a few minutes and followed by a lovely, cooling mask that soothed my skin and made me feel really refreshed. This Ice mask is specifically formulated to soothe, calm and hydrate. The key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, Japanese green tea extracts, aloe vera, liquorice extracts, rosemary extracts and grape seed extracts. It felt so refreshing and cooling.

Straight after the treatment I was told not to exfoliate for a week, but with all honesty my skin looks so good that I don’t even feel a need for it. I went home without putting any makeup on (only on my eyes) as I wanted this precious ingredients to have a chance to absorb and work on my skin.

In the morning my skin looked incredibly glowing and I swear I noticed that some of my wrinkles are much less visible. It’s been a week and my skin still looks really great. It feels incredibly smooth and soft and has this slight tightness, that I like. My pores look smaller and I have no blackhead or other imperfections, which means it cleaned and cleared my skin really well. Makeup goes on really well and my skin feels nicely hydrated.

Great benefits of Fire and Ice Treatment:

  • deep cleanse
  • beautiful glow
  • reduces imperfections
  • reduces pigmentation
  • reduces wrinkles
  • helps treating acne
  • resurfaces skin, making it smooth and even
  • helps to hydrate skin

As the strengths of ingredients is higher than in usual products that we use at home, the results are pretty much immediate. One week on and I still keep touching my face to check how smooth it is. Yesterday I met with my friend, who I haven’t seen for a few weeks, and she said that my skin looked really good. The best complement one can get from a friend!

My skin have a tendency to redness, so I was a bit worried that I’ll be going back home really red and I’d scare lots of people in the tube. Surprisingly none of it happened, and after the Ice part of the treatment any redness went down straight away.

I much prefer that treatment over tradition facial, as I could see the results straight away and it lasted for  a while. You can do it as a one off treatment, but it’s recommended as a series of six for a long term results.

I can truly recommend the treatment, if you live anywhere near London then it’s really worth investing a bit in something that actually works.

Mayfair Aesthetics website is HERE

To find out more visit HERE

I’ve been discovering with pleasure more about iS Clinical the brand which products are used for Fire and Ice Treatment.

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  1. Sandra says:

    That sounds like a really great treatment

  2. trendissimo says:

    It definitely is 🙂

  3. Kelly says:

    I made a NY resolution to have more facials as they are such a treat and this sounds amazing! Love it. Kelly xx

  4. Naya says:

    You look absolutely beautiful and it’s good to know more about this treatment. I am curious! Thanks for sharing xx


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