Estee Lauder – Double wear light and Invisible

Last two of my foundations I’m going to review together. Mainly because Invisible foundation has been discontinued, but I still have it and use it sometimes. It’s a very, very light foundation with coverage near to nothing, it just will balance a skin tone and that’s it. But I really like it and use it when I’m at home and just need to do a school run or go for a grocery shopping. I suppose it’s now been replaced by all these bb, cc, dd, ee creams or in other words it’s a slightly better pigmented than tinted moisturizer, but nothing what you’d expect from a traditional foundation. Nonetheless I like it on very casual days.




The other foundation is Double wear light and I think it’s a very good foundation. It’s easy to apply weather you want to use your hands, a brush or a foundation sponge. Moisturizing and with enough coverage, not too much like original Double wear, but good enough to use it to work or even for going out. You’d need to use a concealer if you have spots or anything you’d want to hide, but on an average skin it should be ok. I think it’s one of these foundations that can suit a big variety of skin types from oily to dry. I really like it and find it much more useful than original Double wear, as it is suitable for everyday use. If you’re looking for a traditional foundation, a bit moisturizing with a medium to light coverage it is a good one to go for.



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