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Christmas is coming really quickly. First time since I came to England (six years ago) I have a chance to fly back to Poland, to spend this time with my family. For the last six years I had a chance to taste traditional British Christmas food, as I currently live here. As nearly everywhere in the world, Christmas in the UK is a very special time, especially for our taste buds. Even though English kitchen is regarded as quite simple, traditional Christmas dishes are far more complicated, than one could think. In Poland we start celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve, having a very traditional dinner, so to keep both traditions alive in my house we prepare traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner and typical British Christmas Day lunch.


Mince pie

bbcgoodfood  Mince pie is a tradition pie made during Christmas time. Even though it’s served usually as sweet, traditionally it contains mince, some fruit (like sultanas and apples) and spices. You can buy it ready made, literally in every supermarket – just need to be heated in the oven. Supermarkets quite often make it meat-free, just with some fruit. Quite simple, but tasty recipe I’ve found on bbcgoodfood.com


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Roast turkey

jamieoliver.com  No Christmas Day lunch can be without a roast turkey. From early morning busy housewives are preheating the oven and taking a good care of the main Christmas dish. If you ever tried to roast a turkey (like I did) you would know that it’s not an easy task. You have a few hours of baking, but also a really good preparations to make. You need to be very patient to win that game. On jamieoliver.com (my kitchen guru website) you can find excellent recipe for christmas roast turkey, as well as lots of tips for baking, to make it delicious. Of course you can take a shortcut and just order a ready baked turkey or buy one that is already stuffed. I have to confess, that within my six years in England, the best turkey I made was when my sister-in-law came in for Christmas and she took control in the kitchen.


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Cranberry sauce

bbc.co.uk 1  Of course no turkey can be served without delicious cranberry sauce. During whole December every supermarket sells fresh cranberries for a cranberry sauce, that is served with roast turkey. There is really nice recipe available on bbc.co.uk. As usual ready-made cranberry sauce is available in every grocery shop for those that are too busy to make it.


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Christmas Pudding

sainsbury  If you think, that roasting a turkey for a few hours is very long, so how about Christmas pudding, which is prepared for a few months (one month is meant to be minimum, but you can start preparing it way earlier). It’s made of dried fruit, suet, spices (like cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger) and alcohol. The alcohol keeps it fresh for a few months. The tradition says, that every family member should stir Christmas Pudding and make a wish. Before serving Christmas Pudding can be poured over with a spirit (like brandy or vodka) and flamed.

Photo from sainsburys.co.uk

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