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Skincare has been my passion for many years and recently I’ve been reading a lot about it trying to keep up to date. I have to admit that I go for a facial very rarely, even though I realize how beneficial it could be for my skin. Full time job and two children (including one baby) mean that I have to prioritise and plan my time very carefully and facial is at the very end of my “to do” list. Although what I can do for my skin is a proper 10-15 minutes of home skincare routine every day with some good quality products (works out cheaper than facials once a month anyway).
A few tips from my daily routines:
First of all you should never, ever go to bed with your make-up on, even if you’re totally drunk or exhausted. Your skin needs that time to regenerate when your pores are not clogged with make-up. Washing my face and brushing my teeth are my rituals I never go to bed without.


It might sound surprising but in your skincare routine the most important step is cleansing. Any good moisturiser, even the one full of high-tech miraculous ingredients is not going to deliver if you don’t put it on a properly cleaned face. First step should always be removing your make-up following with a proper cleansing. Facial wipes should only ever be used as a big, really big emergency (e.g. you’re wasted). And don’t believe in any of these 3 in 1 products that claim you don’t have to even use water. Water in necessary for a proper cleansing of your face!



For many years I was using micellar water to remove my make-up, but recently, encouraged by a few skin specialists, I tried cleansing balms that are oil based (currently I’ve got one from Clinique). I always thought that it’s not appropriate for a mixed skin, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I use a muslin cloth to take off balm and it works wonders together. The whole process is very simple: I apply a balm on my face and massage it in (including my eyes), then I wet my cloth with some worm water, wring it and wipe off all of my make up with it. Then I use a gel cleanser with or without electrical face brush, depending how I feel and my face is ready for a serum and a moisturiser.



Take the day off balm by Clinique is my favourite. It’s fragrance free, it’s gentle so you can use it to take off your eye make-up and I think anyone with a sensitive skin can use it too. I use a liquid eye make-up remover prior to balm.



I currently use famous Liz Earle muslin clothes, which are supplied with some of her skincare products (face wash, masks) but you can use any face cloths that are wildly available on-line or in supermarkets. It’s just to make sure that all make-up is nicely removed and it’s got very, very gentle exfoliating effect. It’s important to use a fresh one every day (I have 7 and just dump it in my washing basket after use).




I have used many face gels and face washes from various brands and various price ranges. Currently I have three. Clinique liquid soap has been my favourite for a long time. It doesn’t smell, it’s very gentle and cleanse really well without drying the skin. Lancome clarifying cleanser is my choice when my skin is a bit more oily. I have that feeling of perfectly clean skin, although I don’t recommend it if you have a very dry skin. Algenist Rejuvenating Cleanser is my recent discovery. It contains algae extract that’s meant to act anti-ageing. Frankly I don’t believe that face wash can do anything in that matter, but using this gel is a pure pleasure. It cleanse really well but gently, without drying and irritating the skin. My face feels very soft and healthy. It’s got a tiny bit of smell that is very pleasant. It’s my bit of luxury for everyday use.




In the morning I just use face wash only or if my skin is a bit dry I use Clinique balm on its own instead.

I have to admit, that since I take a really good care to cleanse my face properly evening and morning my skin looks better and healthier.

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