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It’s very difficult to buy someone perfume, as it’s a very personal choice. You need to know that person really well. But then on Christmas we usually buy presents for family and friends, so we should know them well enough to give such a beautiful gift like a bottle of nice perfumes. As a fragrance obsessed person I really like buying it for others, especially if I know for sure that the recipient of my gift will be very content with it.

A few of my personal picks for this year holiday season:

Classic N5 is a beautiful fragrance which I think you have to be mature enough to fully enjoy. Perfect gift for Mum, Grandmother or Auntie. I know who in my family is a big fan of N5.

chanel N5

New fragrance from Marc Jacobs is truly unique. The packaging is phenomenal as is the scent. I really fell in love with it, but ultimately I know it’s not for everyone. It contains notes of Italian Plum, Iris, Saffron, Rose, Jasmine, Sambac, Papyrus Wood. Very strong and decadent indeed. Lovely. For anyone who is a fragrance freak it will be a dream gift.

MJ Decadence

For some reason I don’t like strong smell of roses in my perfumes. But I know who of my friends is a fan of that note. Estee Lauder Modern Muse Rouge gift set is a very unique and very clever set. Alongside a 50ml bottle of perfume there is a rollerball and a gloss in one product. Very clever and useful, great to carry even in a tiny clutch bag.

EL Modern Muse


Prada is a great classic fragrance in a simple and sophisticated box. Body lotion in a gift set is always very useful. Very feminine yet not too sweet smell. Sandalwood and Patchouli – you can’t go wrong with that. Love this one as well.


Really there is many, many more to search on-line. This time of the year is full of fantastic gift sets and offers. I really understand that buying a fragrance for someone else can be tricky, but if you know someone, then you probably know what that person preference is. And I always think that a great bottle of perfume makes our gift more personal and very luxurious.


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