Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette

Charlotte Tilbury takes over makeup world and everyone loves it. After a huge success of Bobbi Brown, another Makeup Artist decided to develop its own brand. And her success is huge. I popped in to Harrods recently and had a bit of makeover at Charlotte’s counter. I have to say I was really impressed with quality of her products and with really pretty packaging.


I decided to buy eyeshadow palette, as one can never have enough eyeshadows, isn’t it? If you don’t know Charlotte yet I strongly recommend to check her website. She sells her products by looks. You can buy each pieces separate, but if you want, you can buy the whole look. Simple and clever!

The packaging is beautiful, very glamorous. I really like the fact, that she did not include one of these tiny applicators that are useless anyway. I never use it and always apply my eyeshadow with a full size eyeshadow brush.


The colours are picked the way, that allows to create a full eye makeup. The products are very high quality, soft and velvety. It has a good pigmentation but I would say not exaggerated. It blends perfectly on the eye.



I have The Glamour Muse palette, with quite a unique combination of shades. Charlotte has tutorials on her website, so if you’re not sure how to apply it, you can just follow her video step by step. She combines colours by four steps: Prime, Enhance, Smoke and Pop. Easy.


All shadows are shimmery, but not exaggerated, so they can be worn for day as well as evening makeup. All colours blend really well and create perfect eye makeup. One more thing that really impressed me was that I wore it for 10 hours and it did not crease at all. Nothing changed even though I didn’t use an eyeshadow primer, just swept my eyes with a tiny bit of concealer. Very impressed.

Price is 38, so similar to Chanel quads. Love it.

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