Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation

I’ve just finished my Clarins foundation, which I was using for work mostly and I was trying to find something with equally medium coverage and also long lasting. As I have nothing but good experience with Chanel foundations I decided to head to their counter and that’s what I found:


There is really not many reviews for this foundation online so I couldn’t do much of a research beforehand, I just went by what I managed to test in the shop.

I have to say I really like it. I specifically wanted a long lasting foundation, that I can use for work. This one ticks all the boxes.

It’s in a glass bottle, which looks very elegant and expensive, but not the best option for traveling. I guess I can always decant a bit to a small jar or travel container. I like the pump dispenser, it makes it easy and hygienic to get as much product as I need. Looks lovely on my makeup shelf.

One thing that really hit me when I applied this foundation for the first time is the smell. It’s Chanel’s signature smell that they use in many of their products like creams, serums, but I did’t expect it so strong in a foundation. I really don’t mind it, I like that type of fragrance and it makes it pleasant to use for me, but for anyone with a bit more sensitive nose it might be quite overwhelming. I can only remember when I was pregnant and I had a real issue with any smells, this would have been a big no for me then. I advise to check it before purchasing.


The coverage is I would say medium, but you can easily build it up. It doesn’t spread on the skin as easily and quickly as water based foundations, but that’s quite expected with a long lasting product. I use Beauty Blender for application or a brush if I want a bit more coverage.

Perfection Lumiere has an SPF 10, which makes it good product for flash photography. Foundations shouldn’t have higher than SPF 15 for that reason.

I would say that if you’ve got very dry skin then maybe test it first. It’s a long lasting foundation so it’s meant to be sitting on the skin really well for a long time and in practice it might be a bit drying. I must admit it doesn’t really dry me out, but it’s good to check as everyone’s skin can be different.


Perfection Lumber gives really nice, glowy finish, it’s definitely not matte. I really think it’s a perfect foundation for work, any time when you need to look good for a long period of time without a chance to touch up. It could be a great product for combination skin or for someone with imperfections as it can cover quite a lot.

Will I re-purchase? Who knows, there is loads still to check, but maybe at some point in the future. It’s available in any Chanel counter or online.


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