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My two favourite fragrances just happened to be Chanel. I think that Chanel fragrances are remarkable. I like each one of them, even N5 which happens to grow into me more as I get older. But my favourite of all is definitely Coco Noir. Its name as well as the bottle reflect this very rich and very intense fragrance. It definitely is an evening fragrance for me or the one for special occasions. It contains notes of Bergamot, Rose, Geranium, Patchouli and Tonka Beans. It’s very sexy and feminine fragrance. When sprayed it lasts really long. It’s available as Eau de Parfum only and there are some other items available within Coco Noir ¬†range like shower gel and body cream. It does cost a bit more than other Chanel fragrances, but for me it really is worth it.




My day time choice of a recent few weeks is Chanel Chance Eau Vive. It’s also very feminine fragrance but much lighter than Coco Noir and with some strong flower notes. It gives me some energy boost in the morning but I use it for evening events as well. It’s more versatile fragrance. The Chance range offer a choice of a few fragrances, which are very energising and much lighter than Coco range. It’s my choice for day. I have to admit that I like all of the Chance range and had some in the past. Round see-through bottle looks lovely on the shelf. It’s a bit cheaper than Coco Noir, but don’t expect too cheap. After all it’s Chanel! What are your favourite fragrances?


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