Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser from Sunday Riley – review

Sunday Riley is quite a new brand, but it managed to get loads of loyal customers due to its great quality products. There is a few products from that brand that I’ve been wanting to put my hands on and Ceramic Slip was my first choice, as I’ve just run out of cleanser.


Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip is a clay cleanser that contains green clay and lava clay, but it also has lots of other great ingredients, including Vitamin C, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood oil and more.

The packaging is very practical – plastic with a dispenser that makes it easy to use and dispenses exactly the amount that you need to wash your face. It’s quite lightweight, so handy to travel with.

I gave it good few weeks of testing, as I’ve been using it in the evening as my second cleanse and in the morning. It doesn’t foam, but it lathers really easily and cleanse skin really well. It leaves my skin feeling very clean and really really smooth. I didn’t break out at all for last few weeks, which makes me think it’s due to that cleanser. It’s not a product for removing makeup, so I recommend to do it beforehand. Fantastic performance overall.


Let’s talk about some things that I’m not too keen on. First of all is smell. I can really smell clay in this  product quite intensively and it’s not a great experience. It’s not enough to discredit that product, but for £35 per bottle I would expect something more pleasant. Secondly I feel like it tightens my skin a bit after use. It doesn’t cause any problems, as long as I use my moisturiser straight away, but I feel like it might be an issue for people with very dry and dehydrated skin. I had Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanse, which is also a clay based cleanser and I had no such issues with it. Will definitely go back to Skinesis at some point.


Back to the bright side, Ceramic Slip seems to last ages. I’ve been using twice a day for about 2 months and it looks like I will have another few months of it. It is really good product, especially for oily and combination skin or for acne. I really like how my skin looks perfect now, as I’ve been using it regularly and I will continue to use it with pleasure, in spite of these tiny little issues I have with it. It really does make my skin look great and that’s what really counts.


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