Caudalie Polyphenol C15 fluid

Caudalie is quite a unique brand. All inspiration for this brand was taken from its founder’s family vineyard. They just noticed all benefits of wine and grapes and started developing some formulas and discovering great substances that can be used in skincare products. Caudalie has got quite a few patents for substances they selected and introduced to the cosmetic industry. Obviously all covered by extensive research. It’s quite fascinating to read all of that stuff on their website. And who doesn’t like a glass of wine ever so often? I do.


polyphenol c15


Caudalie is famous for it’s organic resources and no artificial colourings. They don’t test on animals and constantly improve formulas and products. They are also:

paraben free

phenoxyethanol free

SLS free

mineral oil free

phthalates free




Polyphenol c15 is a substance that was selected from grapes seeds. It’s very potent anti-oxidant that protects skin from free radicals (that are responsible for causing ageing and wrinkles) and it preserves our own hyaluronic acid that is responsible for keeping our skin plumped. Sounds genius, so obviously I had to try it.


I bought a fluid version, they also have cream available but I found it a bit thicker and heavier when testing in the shop. Fluid is surprisingly creamy, but quite light at the same time. Great for morning use. It is ok to use under make-up although I found that some of my thicker foundation can roll on it, so I use a primer if that’s the case. But for majority of a light formulas it’s ok. I really love that moisturiser and I’ve been using it with a great pleasure for a few months now. It contains polyphenols and vitamin C, which is a great brightening ingredient. Because it’s locked in a tube not a jar, all the active ingredients have a good chance to work, as they’re not exposed to the oxygen and sun light that can damage some of the ingredients gradually after we start using it. It also contains broad spectrum SPF 20 which is enough for a daily use when you’re not on the sun all day.

The texture is lovely and absorbs very quickly but gives enough moisture without leaving a sticky layer. Perfect daily moisturiser. Smells very nice and subtle. Reminds me of a grape’s leaf smell. Overall fantastic product.


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  1. Nati says:

    The formula sounds pretty good. Love that it’s paraben free (:
    Nati xx

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