Can mascara be better than sex ?

Too Faced released a new mascara a while ago called Better Than Sex Mascara. There were mixed feelings about that name, where some people found it ridiculous and some found it funny. I can understand all angles, as it’s not a typical claim to find on a piece of makeup, but I guess the whole point was to make people talk about it. And it worked.

To claim that something is better than sex is a big statement. Let’s find out if that mascara truly stands up to that statement.


Starting from the packaging I really like this light pink colour, but packaging is metal, which makes it a bit heavy. Not a problem if you keep it at home, but not practical for travelling. It does stand out though among other black mascaras and it’s easy to find. It’s quite big, 8g which is quite generous in comparison to standard 6.5 g for majority of mascaras.


The brush is quite big and dense but not too dense (like the one in smashbox) and reminds me a bit of a Hypnose Drama from Lancome, which is my favourite. If you’re used to classic brushes there is a good chance that you’re going to like it. If you prefer silicon brushes with short bristles, then maybe it’s not for you.

For me it applies really nice and I can very easily achieve this great full lash fan look. It’s buildable and gives fantastic volume and length without clumping. Just what I want. I find doing my lower lashes a bit tricky, but it’s always the case with a big brush. Just needs a bit more precision.


It applies lovely, it looks fantastic on my eyes, there is only one but – it’s not lasting for long. I find that after just a few hours a lot of the product falls under my eyes and it doesn’t look flattering. If I haven’t got a cotton bud handy to clean it then I’m screwed. It’s very disappointing, especially that I love how this mascara looks on my eyes. I can only used it if I’m out for a shirt period of time.

I know that Too Faced are releasing a waterproof version of that mascara, so I hope it’s going to have the same effect on lashes, but better lasting time. I still love this one, but unfortunately I only use it on a normal day, when I know I can touch up quickly if I need to. I’m back to my all time loved Le Volume De Chanel.

Better Than Sex Mascara is available in Debenhams for £19.

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