Black Friday Shopping




Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving in the USA and it’s a day, when all retailers offer really good sales and other discounts. In America it’s a beginning of Christmas shopping, when you can buy all stuff hugely reduced (sometimes even half price or better) and that include electrical equipment. Buying a good brand tv for a half price is very tempting, so no wonder that people queue in front of the shops even the night before. Some retailers decide to open few hours earlier on that day or even at midnight. Unfortunately, in some cases nasty human nature takes over and every year there are some fights in the shops over reduced goods.

Recently the tradition came over to the UK as well and Black Friday becomes as popular among clients as Boxing Day Sales (first day of after-Christmas sales). As I was driving to drop off my daughter to school in the morning I was listening to the radio, that there were some fights in one of a Manchester’s shops already. The police had to intervene. Unfortunately it was gross enough to put me off going for any shopping on that day. No offer is attractive enough for me, to be put at risk of a physical violence or being walked over. But thank God for internet. Majority of retailers put some offers in their on-line shops too.



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Black Friday Shopping