A few words about foundations

I started wearing foundation at quite a young age, trying to hide my imperfections. Back then, I was mostly concerned how much coverage I would get from it and I can imagine now, that I probably looked like wearing a heavy mask on my face. A lot has changed since and my attitude towards foundations too. For starters, I usually have more than one foundation at any time and it’s because I use them for various reasons. In my collection I have, what I call “work type” of foundation (with quite a good coverage but not too heavy), “school run” foundation (something that is very, very light just to even out the skin tone) and “special occasion” foundation, for big events requiring immaculate make-up.



I will present in here one by one what I currently have in my make-up bag.



First one is Estee Lauder Doublewear, which is becoming company’s iconic product. It’s been with me on and off for many years and I always try to have a bottle in stock. It has a really, really good coverage and I use it for special occasions like a big party or going for a wedding. It’s good for photographs, as it only has an SPF 10. Doublewear has to be applied very carefully and very sparingly otherwise you can end up wearing too much and looking ridiculous. I use a beauty blender sponge to apply it and it works great together. You only need tiny amount of powder to set it. I personally don’t need any concealer (apart from under my eyes area) when I use Doublewear, but it obviously depends on the condition of the skin. Brilliant foundation, but definitely not the one to be used on a daily basis.

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