7 tips for a perfect make-up shopping experience

It might be obvious and natural for some people just to go on the counter and get exactly what you want, but shopping for make-up can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. Especially if you’re buying expensive brand or you’re not sure what you really want. Here are my general tips for make-up shopping. I apologise if it’s too obvious, but I remember, that a few years back it wasn’t so obvious to me.


  1. Know your skin – it’s very important to know what skin type we are, especially if we’re buying things like foundation, primer, powder. Our type of skin should determine what we buy, not just a new product release.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask. I find that some brands have really great counter assistants/make-up artists that have the knowledge and experience to help (like MAC, Bobbi Brown or Chanel). Choosing a foundation shade is particularly tricky job, so a bit of help from a professional is very valuable. But at the end of the day it’s your choice, so don’t be afraid to walk away and don’t feel pressured to buy anything just because you had a 10 minute chat/consultation. It’s your decision, it’s your money.
  3. Ask for a sample, it’s best to try make-up in natural light as well as in artificial. Not everything is available as samples, but foundation majority of times is. It’s a great way to check if you like the formula, if it wears nicely during the day and if it gives you enough coverage.
  4. Try to shop at non-busy times. I know it’s hard, as sometimes we have no other option but to go for a shopping when majority of population is off, but it really is the worst time for picking make-up. You need to check in the mirror how you look, you need to take your time to pick the right colour and sometimes you need to have a good chat with a counter make-up artist for advice. That’s not gonna happen on busy days, plus you’ll be constantly pushed by other customers. When possible I try to leave my make-up shopping for some odd days, like Tuesday morning, so I can take my time.
  5. Check your stuff before you leave the shop. It happened to me three times recently that I was given a different shade than the one I picked or was advised. Once with a lipstick and twice with foundation. It’s much harder to return stuff if you left shop, as some stores do not want to refund make-up.
  6. Ask about return policy. How many times did I buy something just to realise at home that I already have several similar shades? It’s good to ask about return policy before we pay for an item. Some brands will make no problem to accept returns or to exchange, but some do not accept any make-up back after you purchased. It’s best to have that knowledge beforehand.
  7. Take a picture for future reference. Sometimes I pick a lipstick or foundation just to find out that it’s sold out. Or I had a makeover done by make-up artist, but I can’t afford to buy all of the nice pieces at one go. Many counter assistants offer to wright down what they used, colours and shades, but I always end up loosing these notes. I much prefer to take a picture with my phone, and when I can order on-line the exact product and proper shade. Really obvious tip, but I find it very useful.


Has anyone got any other tips for shopping ?

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