7 steps to healthy, glowing skin

This is not going to be anything new. All the steps in here you’ve probably heard at some point, but it’s all the rules that if I follow, I always see difference in my skin. Short term and long term. Sometimes good, expensive products are not quite enough to healthy and glowing skin, but you have to get more holistic approach to your whole body. So let’s begin:


  1. Moisturise – That is a simple step that needs to be followed morning and evening. You need food every day to give you energy and your skin needs moisture to stay glow, soft and flawless. Moisturiser should be applied to clean skin every morning and evening.

IMG_71472.  Invest in a good serum. If you’re in your 20s your skin probably is at it’s best so you may not need it that much, but if you’re closer to 30 or more this is one step in your skincare that you should invest your money in. Serum goes deeper in your skin and provides more nutrients and active substances than any cream. You don’t need to spend a lot on a moisturiser, but a good serum is usually a bit more expensive. Some good ones and with reasonable price are done by Vichy. My favourite night time is Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder.

vichy serum3. Hydrate inside and outside – sometimes, even though you’ve been slapping on moisturiser like crazy your skin can still stay quite dry and dull. And the reason can be simple – you’re not drinking enough water. I can straight away notice the difference if I’ve not had enough water during the day. 1.5 litre is a minimum, but if you’re exercising, running and sweating you need a lot more. Any fizzy, sweet drinks should be avoided as it’s pure calories, sugar and zero nutrients. Green tea or fruit tea is a good option if you don’t like a plain water. In the morning I like my water with lemon and mint for a bit of lift.



4.  Exfoliate but do not scrub – I hate all these face scrubs with harsh grains – they should be banned. They just damage and scratch the surface of the skin. Instead opt for a gentle acid exfoliator, something with glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid. Regular daily exfoliation with acids brings way more benefits for the skin. I will wright more about it soon.




5. Identify your irritants – and obviously avoid it. You have to observe your skin if you notice any bad reaction to anything, whether it’s some cosmetics that may block your pores or foods that cause breakouts. There is no one list of stuff that can irritate your skin but some common ones include cigarettes (I don’t have to mention how bad it is – it’s obvious), drinking too much (can dry the skin next day) some people react to chocolate if eaten in excess (unfortunately) some people react to mineral oil used in cream (petrolatum, parafinum) as it can cause breakouts. Observe and eliminate or reduce for a better health of your skin (and body)


6. Have a sleep – there is a big number of studies that prove the benefits of sleep. Our whole body needs that time to regenerate and our face is no exception. We all know how we look and feel if we had poor sleep at night (I’ve got two children so I know all about it). Nothing to be added.


7.  Breath in – yes it’s no brainer that fresh air and a boost of oxygen works wonder for our face as well as the whole body. Daily walks in the park, even short ones, are very beneficial for our health, as we bring more oxygen to our skin but also to our brain. And if you have a dog or a company that you can take with you than it’s a win win situation.





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  1. Ashleigh says:

    I swear by all your products under the “exfoliate” category! I agree with everything in this post 🙂

    Love Ashleigh,

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